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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Books Books BOOKS!

I love books, as you may have noticed here. And I'm going through my books (as you may also have noticed, here) and taking duplicates or those I won't read again - (if, say... I remember whodunit) or won't share with the kids any time in the next ten years - to my friendly neighborhood Half Price Books.

And as long as I'm at it, I'm organizing those I'm keeping. So hardcover science fiction classics and nonfiction and comics are all out in the living area, and the rest are in bedrooms. This means that I have Card and McCaffrey and Duane and Eddings and a gazillion others I haven't seen for nearly two years to play with.  This takes a fair bit of work to organize.
I've finished up through Authors-beginning-with-E.

And I've discovered a slightly disturbing fact... there are more than a few books missing from the series I'm reading. Some of these are where I just have not kept up with them and I'm a few books behind, but some are books missing out of the middle of series, or even the beginning. This suggests to me that either they are a) loose in my storage unit or b) had been sold to used book stores when we could not find the rest of the given series. I want these books, and to that end, I'm using this handy little Blogger tool... where I can post my amazon. com wish list as a sidebar box (over there on the right). I'm not suggesting any of you, Dear Readers (with the possible exception of my spouse or my mom of course - nudge nudge wink wink), should buy these for me; it's more a list for personal reference.

I'm sure I'll find more things to add to this list later; I'm not sure I have all the books in a couple series by Authors-from-F-through-Z.