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Saturday, June 4, 2011


Another of those days where I feel as though I got nothing done, but really, I did accomplish a fair bit. Lizzy and I went for a walk to the playground, I did some dishes, some laundry, cleaned old leftovers out of the fridge, went through about a third of the kids' clothes to set up bags for the local children's second-hand shop, planned next week's meals, and placed an order with And looked for a job online and applied to three positions and kept Lizzy and myself fed all day as well as Laston when he got home from work. I wasn't idle. But the house looks like I did nothing at all.
Sherlock Holmes
So we put Lizzy to bed and we're currently watching Sherlock Holmes. So far it's pretty good, but they are all seeming to be mumbling a bit and it's so dark that it's rather like the screen itself is mumbling too; neither the sound nor the picture are very clear. The picture at least may be that it's not dark in here; some residual glare from the window and all that. The indistinct sound is not explainable that way though.
ETA: We're trying to like this movie. We wanted to like this movie; we both like Holmes and Watson as characters, we like the actors, etc. But we are both remaining ungripped by it. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark? Now there's a tortured anti-hero (or is it Hero in Spite of Himself?) I can get behind. As Sherlock Holmes not so much.
Lizzy's fear of being alone appears to be inversely proportional to the degree in which I am involved in whatever it is I am trying to do after she goes to bed. She has no sense of time, really, so "Mama will come check on you in x minutes" isn't working very well; she tends to think I mean x seconds instead!

Thus is life with small children.