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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Market Day!

We attend a farmers' market most Wednesday afternoons in the summer. This market is hosted by a local church, along with a bunch of other things they do for the community; they run a latte stand, a fireworks stand, and of course the usual church things; food and clothing drives, Sunday School, youth groups, day camps and so forth. We are not members of this church, but we are members of the community they serve, and as such, we appreciate them.

Leanna has attended day camp there; they had a week of soccer camp she went to. She had a blast. We used to be regulars at their latte stand - Jacob's Well, and how cool is that name for a church-run espresso business? - when we lived closer to it. They named a drink for Abby - "Abby's Minty Cocoa" - and I introduced them to the concept of Italian Spritzer (Italian Soda without the cream). We buy our fireworks there for Independence Day. And then there's the market.

Lizzy Drives
Abby Drives
They have all the usual things one finds at a farmers' market... kettle corn, sno-cones, handicrafts, fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, baked goods, home-party stuff. I tried to sell insurance there for a few weeks but insurance sales was... not my forte. All the vendors are wonderful about looking up ingredients for nut-allergic Abby. There's usually live music. And they have the Bouncy Castle and a go-kart rink they set up, both of which the girls love (and hopefully we can knock Lizzy out playing in them!). The prices are reasonable and a waiver is required so if your kid jumps off the top of the bouncy castle, you can't hold the church/market responsible. Which is totally reasonable. 

It's been a cool and wet spring, so the fruit-and-vegetable choices were not as plentiful as usual. But I got some nice apples (pink ladies!) and pears and peas and onions. I picked up some orange-flavored cupcakes for dessert. Laston got some pulled pork he really enjoyed. The kids had a snack of kettle corn and sno-cones and played in the bouncy house and on the go-kart track. All in all, an hour or two well spent.