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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girls' Morning Out and a Special Offer!

My friend Diane offered me a mani-pedi today - although it's her birthday not mine - because she wanted some Girl Time. So she paid for the mani-pedis and I paid for lunch. There was much girlish dithering over colors; I need a color that is appropriate for job-hunting, and Diane - a landscaper - is more concerned about her toenails, as fingernail polish does not wear well on her hands. The Silent Mauvie I got last weekend is too dark for me, so this time I got Not So Bora-Boring Pink. Diane got Modern Girl, which was rather more orange than anticipated, but looks pretty and suits her bubbly personality. And the lovely ladies at Nail and Spa did little flowers on our big toes while they were at it, with tiny little stick-on gems representing the center of the flowers. We then had lunch at a nice little Japanese restaurant nearby and came home for me to do some online job hunting and to chat a bit (chats without children being a bit of a challenge to arrange, you understand).

So I'm job hunting and making desultory conversation and I get a phone call. Apparently Bright Now! Dental was so pleased with my blog post of last week that they've decided to extend a special offer to friends and family (basically anyone who reads this blog and says so there at the Woodinville office). Here's the offer:
Thank you so much for the kind words, we enjoyed having you in our Woodinville office.  As a thank you for your visit, we’d like to offer you the chance to give your friends the “Jenn discount.”  If any of your friends or family come in for a check-up and mention this blog post,  we’ll give them a free take home Teeth Whitening Kit.  Thanks again and we look forward to your next visit.
Isn't that about the coolest thing ever? I love my dentist.