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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Game Day! And a New Project.

We had no Friday Night Game this week; we had a number of people who would be missing. Since I was sick, it was just as well. But today some of the Friday Night Gamers are having their own party, to which we are invited. As I understand it, we're going to be taking turns playing Dance Central, so as to finish it before said Friday Night Gamers get Dance Central 2. Party with exercise, yay!

We shall see how much playing I actually do; I'm getting over the bronchitis but it's in the draining stage, which means the breathing is not so good. However, with constant vigilance(!) and judicious use of my inhaler, I should be able to keep myself upright and breathing in and out at least, maybe keep the kids out of the adults' hair rather than actually playing more than a round or two.

I'm almost done with the books; I just have S-Z to do (and I don't have that many authors in those letters) and the ones that are series set in the same universe by many different authors that I - like the bookstores - shelve by series rather than by author. I should be done tomorrow, and then I can take the remaining books to Half Price Books and fill in a few things I'm missing. This in addition to the usual job hunting, and now a new task: looking into online schooling (or local brick-and-mortar) and Pell Grants and the like. When jobs are tight, that degree (or lack of) is an easy excuse for prospective employers to eliminate me from the running. Much careful homework (ha! a pun!) must be done by me to determine what is legit, useful, etc.

I think Communication is my best bet for a major...