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Thursday, June 9, 2011

(Pre)School and Work

Lizzy and I visited the Montessori preschool at the top of my list today. It was great. She really enjoyed herself, and she got to participate in just about everything. We were there from 9:30 through 11:30 and during that time she did three puzzles with other kids, played a counting game with "birfday candles in pwetend birfday cakes" (for the record the candles were pretend too), painted a picture, played a matching game, participated in circle time and a birthday song for a student there, had a snack, and played outside for 45 minutes (in the process learning how to hoist herself up on a swing and taking turns pushing the other kids on swings). She had a blast and as soon as she's (reliably) potty trained we are so there.
And I had a job interview today. I think I did pretty well; they did a fair bit of nodding and taking notes. This one would be particularly nice for me; it's a small-to-medium company, a mile from my apartment, and their product/service is interesting and helpful to society. It's a customer service position - my favorite! - with some light testing/QA and/or documentation at need. I really like working at companies where one gets to wear many hats, and this one has a lot of hats I enjoy as well. Bonus!

No, I'm not going to tell the Internet at large where I (hope to) work, nor where my kids go to school; that you know I live north of Seattle is enough. But do think good thoughts for me on this job... even if I have not shared everything. Pretty please?