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Friday, June 10, 2011

Out of the Mouths... and a Book Review

This morning my littlest Seattleite informed me that she'd "weally like something cold fwom a latte stand, like a smoothie oh maybe a 'Talian Soda."

The 8yo used me as an example of "A 3D object" on her math homework. I am used for "doing dishes". Her little sister is also a 3D Object; her purpose is "to annoy people".

On the way to school, we saw a police cruiser pulled up to a latte stand. Abby asked me if it was "one of those things like the police guy eating donuts on TV. Yes, I taught my eight-year-old the term "stereotype" today.

I got an email from Abby's teacher today. They are doing a drug unit in health (this is second grade) and when the teacher asked if anyone know of things that have nicotine, Abby piped up with "Tabasco! It's a sauce."
I don't usually review specific books on my blog, beyond the occasional remark here and there. But I am really... "enjoying" is not the word here, because I'm not enjoying this book. I love Marian Keyes, and her books are often quite bittersweet - she deals with abandonment and addiction and a lot of that sort of thing - so when I bought this one sight unseen, I was expecting more of the same.
This Charming Man: A Novel
It is more of the same sort of topics, but taken Up to Eleven. Primarily abuse and alcoholism and depression are the topics at hand here, and this one - while not enjoyable as such- is fascinating. In a deer-in-the-headlights sort of way. Now I have never dealt with any of this stuff - aside from depression due to season (I do live in Seattle) or postpartum hormones - on a personal level. But I have many friends who have, and the characters in this book are so sympathetic that here I am, writing a review before I'm even done with the book.

This book is touching me in a way few books do.