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Friday, June 3, 2011

My Favorite Villain

Magneto. He's a very sympathetic villain. In spite of all his rhetoric about mutants being Übermensch (which is usually played up a lot for the contrast, as his origin story is as a Nazi Concentration Camp victim), he is a very human mutant. His power is invisible, he looks human, and his angst is believable. None of this I-must-rule-the-world motivation for a power grab, nor the I-am-just-a-nutjob (nutjobs are terrific if done well, but most of them aren't) reason. He has a good basis for his villainy; he even agrees with his nemesis on many points. They just have different methods of protecting their fellow mutants.

Not as hot as Thor, but not bad to look at either. Thor by definition is a hero (eventually) and by necessity as a bruiser comic book hero not all that complex a character. He fights, he becomes a good guy through altruism, and he earns back his spurs hammer. Magneto (and for that matter Professor X) are heroes and villains of the mind, not the muscles; their characters are considerably more complex thereby.

Anyway, I took Laston to see this movie for his birthday, as he took me to see Thor for Mothers' Day, and we are both taking my dad to Green Lantern on Fathers' Day. I imagine we'll go see Captain America: The First Avenger for... well... we'll find some excuse.

Superhero Summer is fun.