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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Randomocity

Three of our Friday Night Gamers (besides me) are sick. That makes tonight Board Game Night.

Abby revealed that her half-vampire side is on the left "because the blood-pressure machine at the drugstore does not work on that side". She refuses to believe that it's because the machine is designed for adults, not for 8yo girls with skinny arms. Of course, this is the same child it took me three years and corroborating evidence from Joe-from-Blues-Clues to convince that twelve and a dozen were the same thing.

Also, she is now on the cusp between Sea Turtle and Seal in her swim school (it goes Starfish-Goldfish-Sea Turtle-Seal from beginner to advanced). Go Abby! Go Safe-n-Sound Swimming! She was a little disappointed because Sea Turtles are "cute". I showed her several pictures of cute seals and she is now happy. Eight-year-olds are strange.

Lizzy is alternating between dancing and jumping on her trampoline, and lying like a lump on the floor.

I am unthrilled by the concept of gaming tonight - I have a cold and don't want to expend the mental energy - so it's just as well we're on board games.

This whole week has been one of those days where it looks like I got nothing done, but in reality I did a ton of stuff. I fixed an insurance snafu that's months old, did several rounds of dishes and laundry, cleaned out the coat closet, cleaned out the shoe box (which doesn't sound like much until one realizes that the shoe box is three feet by 18" and holds everyone's shoes), spent a morning with a friend, spent an afternoon at a farmers' market, and applied for a gazillion jobs. With a summer cold. Go me!

And I didn't blog yesterday. That was weird.