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Friday, June 24, 2011

Constant Vigilance!

The Cottonwood Apocalypse of 2011 has caused me to develop asthmatic bronchitis. This is not unusual for me; I am prone to such things when under stress or exposed to excessive allergens. But Abby is aware that I - while good at taking any medications prescribed for a given illness - have trouble remembering the maintenance-type drugs, such as my asthma inhaler. So she made this suggestion: "So here's what you do, Mom. You pretend you're Mad-Eye Moody, only not the real one, the pretend one; his name is Barty Something Junior, and he has to drink Polyjuice Potion a lot so he stays Mad-Eye Moody. You pretend your inhaler is Polyjuice Potion and then you won't forget, see? Constant vigilance!"


And speaking of constant vigilance, Grandma's gonna need some. She got the little girls scooters for use at her house (they're there a lot, especially in the summer, and she wants them to get some outside time). Abby's is a standard Razor with pink and purple tassels, and Lizzy's is a Radio Flyer for toddlers (three wheeler). Abby's bike is at her dad's house, and Lizzy's trike is here at home, so Grandma thought scooters would be good for her place. But she will need to have (all together now) CONSTANT VIGILANCE!