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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Annnnnd... FIXED!

My car is now legal. Still not clean - I got a waiver because while I can afford an O2 sensor with my mom's help, I can't afford a new catalytic converter until I have a job or a tax return or something - but legal. And I also went to the unemployment office and they said a) "We like writers' resumes; they're usually coherent and there are only little stylistic changes to recommend," and b) "You're completing the forms just fine and your benefits will continue". Well, good.

Beezus and RamonaI went to Half-Price Books and traded in a half dozen each of books and DVDs; received enough cash to buy Abby a book and buy myself lunch. In about six months Abby and Lizzy will be Beezus' and Ramona's ages respectively in this book, and with Abby's recent leap in reading proficiency, I'd like to reward her with a story I know she likes (my little Selena Gomez fan loved the movie although in the movie both girls are older) and is now ready to read on her own. I also entered Abby in Half-Price Book's summer reading program; she could earn a $20 gift card to the store.

Then I had lunch and went to my appointment at Saturday's Child, a local children's second hand shop. I traded in a trunk-full of old baby clothes and gear and toys, and got enough credit to buy four jumpers (for my non-North-American readers, a jumper in this context you would call a 'pinafore' - the kind of sleeveless dress one wears over a shirt) and two t-shirts for Lizzy; and two tops, a pair of velour track pants and a dress for Abby. With store credit left for next time. I have always loved this store, both before and after its management switch.

So tomorrow I'm starting  homemade chili in the crock pots (3-bean chili, in three different degrees of spice), taking Abby to school, taking Lizzy to our favorite place to get her hair trimmed (she's never had a "real" haircut before), running to the grocery store for a few staples, cleaning house for the game, packing Abby's bag for her dad's, installing the cushion pad my mom got me in the couch, picking Abby up at school and taking her to her dad's, and gaming.

Never a dull moment around here. We're too busy for dull moments.