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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holy Stressful Mornings Batman!

I'm still in the DC Universe in my mind, apparently.

When I oversleep, all the mistakes of the past week come crashing down at once. I'm sure I make mistakes other weeks of course, but they don't seem to come back to bite me unless I am extra-rushed in a given morning. I slept less than two hours night before last. No particular reason for it; I just couldn't sleep. So with more physical things than usual to do yesterday - I'm cleaning out our storage unit - and lack of sleep and benadryl-due-to-cottonwood, I was dead tired. I went to bed at ten last night.

I woke up at eight this morning. Abby has to be at school - last full day - at 8:35. And oh, by the way, "Mom, I need twelve dollars for a yearbook. Today. Oh, and here's the thing from the lunch lady (ed. note: she's rummaging through her backpack) and it says my balance is zero dollars and zero cents and you said I could buy lunch on the last day of school that we have lunch. We don't have lunch tomorrow because it's a half day, you know." Sigh... all right... we'll buy you a smoothie for breakfast and honey? Please tell me ahead of time when you need things? I check my bank account. Hey, where's the unemployment auto-deposit? It always comes on Tuesday unless Monday is a holiday, assuming I submit my claim on Sunday. I'll call them from the car and find out.

I can't find my Bluetooth earpiece.

So I'm on speakerphone in the car - it's illegal in Washington State to drive and use a phone without some sort of hands-free - hissing at the kids to please be quiet. I get hold of the UI folks and it turns out that if you submit a claim after noon on Sunday it does not go through. Well... gosh dang it to heck. I have enough cash to buy each of the kids a smoothie and pay for the school lunch and the yearbook. I don't have enough in my account to pay for the order I placed. I call Safeway and get transferred all over, from the store to Customer Service and back. They say they will get a message to the store picking the order so it does not go through. Great; I'll place the order again for tomorrow. I call my other bank to let them know I will make my payment tomorrow. Good enough.

I drop Abby (and her $15.50) off at school. I drop Lizzy off at the Nest. I come home via the storage unit (you would be amazed at how many boxes of books fit in my little car, especially since Lizzy's car seat takes up some space) and bring a box of books upstairs with me. The Safeway store calls to tell me the charge did not go through on my order. No kidding? Sorry; I called and told you guys the issue. It looks like you didn't get the message form your customer service people. My apologies. She looks through the pile of stuff on her desk; here's the message, sorry to bother you, thank you for shopping with us.

So I came upstairs and wrote all this out. Hopefully this act has purged enough of the stress of this morning to allow me to do well on my phone interview at 11-something.

Still can't find my Bluetooth. For crying out loud.