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Monday, June 27, 2011

I Wish...

"...more than anything. More than life. More than the moon... I wish to go to the festival, and the ball!"


What I actually wish is that prospective employers would call me with the same enthusiasm that prospective schools have today. Of course, I guess it depends on who is paying the money to whom, doesn't it?

I clicked a sidebar ad for online schooling Saturday evening - checked a bunch of boxes indicating my interests, and added my ZIP code. Between then and now - call it 45 hours - I have received calls or emails from seven different schools, some accredited, some not, some online, some not, some a mixture of the two. Most of them are agreed that I am correct in thinking that a degree in Communication (one can get an Associate of Arts or a Bachelor of Arts in such things) is the Way To Go for me. Of all the jobs I have held over the past twenty-five years, my favorites have been those dealing with people (such as customer service positions) directly, or from one step removed (such as documentation and writing roles). Sounds like Communication to me.

I have live appointments at local branches of two of  these schools this week, and a phone interview at another (which is online only and has no local branch). Ideally, I would have some sort of grant or scholarship (or both) so I would not have to pay back a loan. But in a job market this tight, I need a degree to get a job. I'd prefer to go back to school just for the sake of going back to school, but ah well... we do what we must.

In other news, I took the last of the books to Half Price Books and loaded up on some I was missing, Abby is signed up for Brownie Scout Camp, Lizzy is about ready to fall on her face with fatigue, and Laston is trying to market his cool TinkerToysAsFurniture idea. We have a busy household.