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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Days

So we've had a strange day. I had my interview; they were moving so fast that they said, "if we don't call you by 5:30, we've decided to go with other candidates. I think I was in and out of their office in about ten minutes. They haven't called so I guess I didn't get chosen for the next round.  I'm really not that disappointed; I haven't had time to be.

Today when I took Lizzy to the Nest, she met a little girl there who is just like her. She bounced in, announced her name (to which Lizzy said, "L-I-Z-Z-Y; that spells me") and they went off, hand in hand, literally falling all over each other. This other child and Lizzy even have the same hair - golden brown curls in an unruly ponytail. They were fast friends immediately, although now Lizzy can't remember her name. It's been a rough day on the potty front; Miz Liz has gone through four pairs of pants. One was due to water play, and one to mac-n-cheese sauce, but the rest... yeah, rough potty day.

While Lizzy was at the Nest and I was job-hunting, Abby and Gramma drove down to the place where Abby has day camp next week; they wanted travel time and so forth. Abby said it was fun. She is currently outside looking for someone to play with. Or she was until the boy she was playing with decided he didn't want to play with a girl and ran away. Boys are like that sometimes, but she's broken-hearted. Lizzy did not help this by announcing "Nobody wants to play with you, Abby". Jeez, kid, salt meet wound.

So we're watching one last Pink Panther short before we put in Harry Potter. We shall see what transpires.