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Friday, March 11, 2011

Board Game Night

We're short a few gamers tonight so we're not playing our "official" game of GURPS; it's been a rough week for several. But because we are Gamers-with-a-capital-Gee, we have options.
Dominion Intrigue
We've decided to play Dominion, although we haven't gotten around to it yet. It's a fun game, and due to the sheer number of expansion packs (four of the five available) we own, it's different every time. At the moment we have hubby rummaging in the kitchen (I purchased dinner at the WINCO Foods deli tonight; too tired with the Cold of Doom to cook), two of us on the couch with our laptops, one at the table with his laptop, and two kids, Greg on his netbook and Lizzy making a 3yo pill of herself with a puzzle.

Some of our other choices - the ones we play often - are:
There are a host of other games we play when we're off our RPG. But those are the most frequent.