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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not Just the Cold of Doom

Instead it's that lovely animal known as "walking pneumonia". Why do they call it that, do you ask? Because if you're ambulatory without help, it's not "real" pneumonia. The way the doc explained this to me was thus:
  1. Pneumonia is when one or both of your lungs is packed with goo, and it's gotten infected.
  2. Bronchitis is when the bronchial tubes (north of the lungs) are packed/swollen/infected ditto.
  3. Walking pneumonia is when the lungs are not packed full, but there is infected goo in them. 
Doc thinks I have the disease behind Door Number 3, although it may be Number 2. Since the treatment is the same (couple of Z-pacs and narcotic-laced cough syrup) he didn't bother with the chest x-ray.

I feel lousy. But as usual, I feel a little better just knowing something is being done about it (I think "rest and fluids" is too vague or abstract for me)

Update: Still feeling punk for sure, but it's amazing what one night of narcotic-induced sleep can do for one...