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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

THAT's what I'm talking about

I've been a bit at sea this past two weeks. Partly because I've been sick (now we've brought out the big guns; I'll be fine in a few days), and partly because my work tasks have been very vague of late. Ad-Hoc Testing - also known as "Poke It With a Stick Testing" - is incredibly useful, a bit boring, and very very vague. You see, one is supposed to just use a product (or in this case a website) and see what works and what doesn't. No test cases written. No guidelines for what to do. Just use it. I can do this, and under most circumstances I even enjoy it. But because I've been sick and because my contract is almost up, it feels like busywork that's been thrown at me for lack of anything better.

But today they gave me a new assignment: Write a How-To document for our team. How to use our tools, where to find our links and other important information, like that. Essentially a Quick Start Guide, complete with screen shots, of How to Test on Our Team.

That's what I really love to do. I might even be able to pull it off in two weeks. We shall see.