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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Medicine and Eyeliner

I have spent the past three weeks coughing and snuffly. My neti-pot wasn't doing the trick, and neither was the z-pak the doc prescribed. So I called the doc to see if I could get another. He asked me to come back in, because with just walking pneumonia and sinusitis, the z-pak should be fine.

Except that I'm prone to this stuff, and apparently have built up a resistance to said z-pac. And the reason the neti-pot wasn't helping? Because it wasn't congestion in my sinuses so much as it was swelling. <sigh> Time to bring out the Big Guns - Augmentin (10 days, for infection) and Prednisone (5 days, for tissue swelling).

I took them for the first time yesterday at lunchtime. In twenty minutes I felt great. I could breathe through both nostrils! And at the same time! What matter that - as a coworker said - walking on a flat surface felt like going uphill. A steep hill. Both ways, barefoot, and in the snow. Well, not really those last two. But while certainly an improvement (breathing is always an improvement), it was by no means a magic bullet.

And last night I didn't sleep. I can only attribute this to the prednisone, which as a steroid has a certain wake up!!! effect. Today I took it with breakfast instead. We shall see. Sleeplessness is not the only side effect I could live without. The hot flashes are not really very fun, and having to pull over on the freeway because I couldnt stop sneezing was not my favorite thing ever. But I can breathe. Comfortably even. Wow.

So today I look better than I have in weeks. Not only am I alert and cheerful and like standing upright and all, I had the energy to - you know - apply makeup this morning. Even wearing a bright coral top - not my best color, you understand - did not detract from the fact that today, I look healthy. The circles under my eyes are less, my skin isn't so pale, and the lookinggood = feelinggood phenomenon is in full force too. Reciprocally.

Still can't make it up the stairs without being winded. But I did buy fresh batteries for my Wii Fit Plus Balance Board. I'll use them soon enough.