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Friday, March 18, 2011


It's very easy to get derailed when trying to get fit. Illness, injury, stress, you name it. Here are my bugaboos these last couple weeks:

Illness - first a bad cold, which morphed into walking pneumonia. These in turn caused:
  • Schlumping on the couch for two weeks. AKA: No Physical Activity. When the most physically-strenuous thing you do is cough, well... that does not count as exercise.
  • Eating "sick food". Chicken soup, assorted "clear liquids", cough syrup, etc. It's not like I'm counting the Weight Watchers points for my medication, and God only knows how much salt is in the soups I've been making, just so I can taste it.
  • Just. Sheer. Fatigue. There's only so much energy to go around, and when the body is working on healing, well... other things go by the wayside.
Stress - I'm looking for a job, while working out my current contract, I don't sleep enough, etc.

A good friend of mine is trying something controversial to stay motivated. I admire this, although it wouldn't be my thing. My motivator is the kids; setting an example and all that. And I fully realize that all that above up there? Excuses. Yeah, I know I'm not going to be energetic when I'm sick, but I could use more ginger and less salt in my soup, and actually count every Weight Watchers point including juice and soup and I could even estimate a point per dose of cough syrup.

The Scarlett O'Hara quote can only be used so many days in a row before it's just an excuse.