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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goin' on a Wiki Walk

Gonna hunt some wikis...

After our rather trying trip to the grocery store - Lizzy was a pill - we had lunch, and then settled down for movie/rest time. Lizzy had a long nap yesterday and slept for eleven hours last night (thank God). This means she is not sleepy. However, Abby spent the weekend at her dad's cleaning out her closet there - and as she is not willing to completely give up her old outgrown stuff, but is perfectly content to hand them down to her little sister so she can "visit" them - Lizzy has some new-to-her Dora the Explorer and Little Einsteins DVDs, so she gets relegated to the bedroom to watch Undercover Dora while "resting", and Abby and I get to have our after-daddy's-weekend bonding time on the couch, watching slightly-more-grown-up movies.

Last week we recorded Sky High from the Disney Channel. Fun movie, and lots of Parental Bonus, what with Kurt Russell (who was channeling... William... Shatner), Bruce Campbell (as the loudmouthed gym teacher / Sorting Hat), and Lynda Carter (as the principal of Sky High). So we're cuddling and watching this movie (and Abby using words like "doppelganger" in context for crying out loud - how old is this kid again?), and I look it up on And then I segue on over to Big Trouble in Little China, and Wonder Woman, and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. And to some of the tropes attached to those stories as well. This could take me awhile. If I don't come up for air by bedtime, will someone alert my husband over at Nerdy but Good at It?