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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Skipped a Day

I've only been blogging for a couple months here, but it already feels strange to skip a day. Now, if I could only get that sort of habit going with,say, exercise... I'd be in great shape (literally).

Anyway, yesterday was busy, and I was away from my desk, and by the time I got home I just wanted to vegetate. Lizzy and I ran a few errands (credit union, Half-Price Books), took a friend to a meeting down by the airport (friend is temporarily car-free), hung out down there while waiting for the friend's meeting to end, came back here. As the Cold of Doom is still hanging on, that about wiped me out for the day.

We have similar things to do today; dropping Abby off at the Last Cookie Sale of the season one town south of here and then picking her up two hours later... it's not really worth it to come home in between, you know? So we'll run some more errands instead.