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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Day After

After yesterday's meltdown (on all fronts), I felt it only fair to update you all, reassure you that infanticide had not been committed, and that I was not in the loony bin myself.
  1. I got seven-plus hours sleep. Lizzy got just under 12.
  2. Her first words to me when she got up this morning were, "When I goed to sleep I wasn't in my woom. When did I go in my woom?"
  3. We had a good cuddle (thank goodness her hair smells like shampoo, not ranch!) and talked about it being "a tough day" yesterday, and she said, "I'm not bad but sometimes I do bad things." Whew! My labeling-the-behavior-not-the-child strategy works!
  4. My mom (also her babysitter) says that Lizzy was singing to herself this morning, "My mama's name is Jennifah and she's the best mom in the whole wold." So I'm guessing I haven't scarred her for life.
I'm going to in general chalk yesterdays' snafu(s) up to the following:
  1. Fatigue. On both our parts.Illness on mine, and possibly allergies on hers (she still has rings under her eyes even after all that sleep).
  2. Assertion of independence. Repeatedly and vehemently. And at length. And all in one day.
  3. Failed disciplinary practice. I could have removed her from the store, and gone back later with Abby. I could have used the Naughty Spot more. Etcetera and ad nauseum.
So tonight is Abby's Spring Concert (which is why were were at the store - she needed a blue dress). When we went to Leanna's concert, I took Lizzy out when she started getting bored and acting up. Tonight it's hubby's turn for that duty.