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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Old Favorites

Did you ever give up on a book or a movie or a game because you've read/seen/played it so many times that it is no longer funny or fun? And then, years later, something else reminds you of it and back you go... and it may or may not be as fun as it was the last time, but there's a certain nostalgic love either way?

I feel this way about this game, of which I was reminded by this website. It's a spoof of several dozen other games/types of games, done with deliberately horrible graphics, a tongue-in-cheek style, and a healthy respect for the English language (you can't use their chat until you have passed a grammar test at the Temple of Literacy... and puns abound through the whole game). I love it.

I did not have the same experience with a favorite childhood treat. When I had it as an adult it was okay... but not the Special Treat of my Youth it had been before. It seemed smaller (and may have actually been so... or I was bigger or both), and it tasted fine... but it just Was Not The Same.