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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Miz Liz - recovering from her cold - now has her normal Tigger-meets-Energizer-Bunny personality, combined with Dropping her Spoon and cold-induced narcolepsy (she's like a kitten - play-cry-jump-scream-pounce-shriek-snore). This makes her a bit... difficult to deal with. Although honestly, the worst? This time last year she had croup. With steroids to treat it. Exhausted sick baby who cannot sleep was no fun for anyone.

So there have been corporate changes at work, I have five weeks to find a permanent (or long-term) job, my preschooler is - ahem! - extremely three, and it's, you know, the tail end of winter. When everyone in Seattleish just wants the dreary to stop. This winter it was either snowing (more than usual) or raining (as usual). "You know, it rains nine months of the year in Seattle." Not quite. But by early March, it feels that way for sure!

I think I just want some sunshine. I'm native to Seattleish, so this is not actually normal. The Vitamin D pills have not yet kicked in, I guess, because I have no energy now that my toddler has too much. Yay. And then I get annoyed with myself for apathy.

I think I'll go BSU. This is not Boise State University, for those non-gamers in the audience. It stands for (on this family-friendly blog) "Blow Stuff Up" and it strikes me as a good activity for tomorrow after work. Maybe it'll even motivate me to do more productive things than killing defeating video game villains. Things like getting this place cleaned up for this Friday's game.