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Monday, February 28, 2011

Late Winter Blahs

Miz Liz (3) has a cold. This makes her Drop her Spoon at regular intervals. Which makes Mommy want to have nightly hourly dates with Calgon. Does it make me a bad mom to be relieved at the prospect of going to work, just so I can be away from the Coldy Toddler of Doom?

And the fact that apparently American parents cannot be trusted to use over-the-counter medication on children under six just irritates me. Because they don't even post the correct dosage for my 35-pound preschooler on the bottle anymore. Because they're afraid I'll overdose her, I guess. So I can give her children's Acetimenophen or Ibuprofen, and warm herbal tea with honey. But I can't give her anything to relieve her most annoying symptoms (she flips out every time her nose runs). Gahhh.

On the up side, Abby can have more nut products than we thought. She's not a fan of nuts in any case, but when we were told she had a severe allergy to certain tree nuts and a mild allergy to others, we didn't really think much beyond "LIFE THREATENING ALLERGY, Alert Alert!!11!!!" Until I asked her allergist if we could use shea butter on her skin. Why yes, yes we can. In fact, aside from the danger of cross-contamination she can have ANY of the tree nuts from palm-type trees (yay! coconut! and therefore Samoas!) Palm nut oil, Cocoa butter, those are all fine. Whew!

So, hubby's getting over a cold, Lizzy has one, Abby just got over one, Leanna had one last month, and I have (feel free to cross fingers, knock wood, etc. here) so far escaped.