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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Post of Randomness

Lizzy may or may not be coming down with a cold. The last time she was stuffed up like this nothing came of it. But she has sneezalies again, so...

Abby's doing homework. This is not required by her teacher; it's extra credit she gets for doing a packet over her midwinter break (which ends today). If she does the whole packet she gets an extra star. Five stars gets you a lunch buddy to sit with you (normally they sit in their own seats for lunch), and 20 gets you a pick under $10 from the Scholastic book order packet. Nice reward system. I love her teacher.

I'm loving my new haircut, although the color keeps taking me by surprise; it's brighter than I expected. But if I dry this cut upside down I get this Meg-Ryan-esque thing going on,, which I think is cute without being ridiculously young for me.

I think the chicken wings we had last night for dinner must have been from Really Big Chickens. I don't think I'll mention that to Lizzy.

Tonight for supper we're having sandwiches because hubby bought more turkey than I expected. Abby is thrilled. Lizzy will have peanut butter.

Calgon and I are gonna have a date tonight. You see, Lizzy chose to pay me back for leaving her with her very best friend in the world while I had Mommy's Morning Out, by being as infuriatingly three years old as she can manage. And she can manage a lot. She's not doing anything truly wrong, just being even better than usual at selective hearing, doing minor little things (like jumping in the house) she knows she's not supposed to, etc. So... does she have plugged-up ears because she may be coming down with a cold? Or is she just ignoring? Hard to tell. But it's like having a very short teenager in the house. One who cannot be trusted to do anything by herself.

Abby's dad got a used air hockey table from a coworker. Abby's already become a champ. One can actually get exercise from air hockey. Who knew?

I want a nap. And an ice cream bar. I can't have the first unless Lizzy joins me. I can't have the second unless it's Tofutti. But the cake I made last night is pretty good - my neighbor (mother of Lizzy's very best friend in the world) gave me the recipe - one box cake mix, one pint melted ice cream, three eggs. I used sorbet in place of ice cream and it is nummy. And 4 Weight Watchers Points Plus per serving (16 servings per cake, in a bundt pan).

And that reminds me; I'm going to add some non-dairy munchies to our upcoming Friday Night Game smorgasbord... see you later.