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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Feel the Need.... the Need for Feed

I feed people. It's something I do. It's a way I show love, affection, hospitality, and friendship (I was going to say the way I show it, but I have been corrected by a friend on that score). Part of the reason I enjoy hosting Friday Night Games here is because most people's houses are not geared for our up-to-three kids. But part of it is definitely so I can feed the Friday Night Gamers.

And their kids.

And anyone else who wants to show up. Just let me know ahead of time, so I can arrange for the number of people and any food sensitivities. At FNG, we have several overweight people, two with diabetes, a few with food allergies (one of which is life-threatening), and one person on a South Beach variant. One doesn't care for soups, some won't eat fish for the most part, and a couple of the kids won't eat anything that's "mixed or too chunky or has sauce".

It's a challenge. And that's part of the fun. How to make a food that has no dairy (for me), no onions or mushrooms (for a FNGer with those sensitivities), is fairly low-carb (for the diabetics and the slow-carber), and the kids will eat? I fall back on pot roast (with root veggies other than potatoes and onions and carrots) about once a month. There's a pork roast I got from a diabetes-centric website and another I make (I call it tropical pork) that's a little sweet for the diabetics but as long as they take it easy on the fruit they're good to go. Sometimes I roast a chicken or two (or buy pre-roasted, as I plan to do this Friday), and sometimes I do good old-fashioned gamer food (aka "spaghetti") but I use whole grain noodles and make an effort to have one veggie (with onion and mushroom) sauce and one meaty sauce. No pine nuts.

I enjoy feeding people. And the fact that I've learned to cook doesn't hurt either, because I enjoy that as well. Some of my FNGers tease me about this feeding-people propensity, but they accept it as a quirk in my personality. Because they love me too.