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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brownies and other Edibles

Abby (8) is a Brownie Scout, and this is her first year. She (and I and her dad and a number of other people on her behalf) sold a lot of pre-ordered Girl Scout Cookies, and tonight at her meeting, we received the cookies to deliver. One hundred and fifty-four boxes of cookies. At twelve boxes to a case, you can do the math as to how many cases are crammed into my little sedan.

Usually her meetings - only monthly as they are - are not a big problem; she and I get a little alone time before and after the meeting, she gets her scouting in, etc. Tonight was a slightly different story. We did get our alone time in, but at the (usual) cost of hubby dealing with Lizzy (3) for dinner. Normally not an issue, but she had been a complete terror for him all day, constantly Dropping her Spoon, having potty incidents immediately after saying she didn't have to go, refusing to nap until just before they had to pick Abby up at school, and just generally being a pain in the neck. Abby forgot to do her homework after school and while yes, hubby should remind her on those days he has her after school, it is her responsibility ultimately. I didn't find out she hadn't done her homework until we were on our way to the Brownie meeting from dinner, of course, just to make it more interesting.

Dinner was fun; Abby has recently learned to like "kid sushi" (kappa maki and inari) and since she makes her mother look shy and retiring by comparison, she more-or-less charmed the sushi bar owners into teaching her bits of Japanese (she can now count to five and say "thank you"). Fun. And since we had just picked her new new epi-pens up at the pharmacy (oh damn! we left one at the Scout Leader's house!) I felt a little more comfortable than usual feeding her unaccustomed foods (yes, I know this is irrational; I don't want to have to use her epi-pens. But their mere presence makes me feel better).

So now Lizzy and I are on the couch, my left elbow clutched tightly in her hand (most kids suck their thumbs or carry around disreputable ancient blankies; mine uses adult elbows as her comfort objects) while I type. Abby is curled up doing the neglected homework, and hubby is trying to unwind at his computer after Lizzy was a pill all day. As soon as the kids are in bed (another twenty minutes or so) I plan to pop a chicken in the crock pot so hubby has something new-but-still-on-his-diet to eat tomorrow while he's on child-watch duty again. At least tomorrow I'll be home around 4:30 or so to rescue him. Maybe (since today was payday) I can take us out to dinner and then keep the kids out for an hour or so so he can have a few minutes to himself. I know he'd do the same for me; he has done in the past. Love you honey.