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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Among the Small Fry: (Whatcha dooo-in'?)

So Greg and his dad came over, and Abby was surprised and delighted that he came over. She gave him his cards and he gave her a card and a Plush Phineas because she likes the show as much as he does. Awww. Then they ate lunch (I had been clued in that they were coming and timed lunch accordingly) and she shared the M&Ms she had gotten from her dad for Valentine's Day with him. These came in a heart shaped box labeled "Cupid Mix", which led to a discussion by the two of them that went like this:

Abby: Since we're already in love, I don't think Cupid's arrows would work
Greg: Yeah, he'd shoot us and then a big "Uneffective"(sic) would show up over our heads.

Mind you, they are both eight years old, so their concept of  "in love" consists of plans to get married when they are grown up. For Abby this is "about 18",and for Greg it's slightly older. Greg's mom says "not until he's out of college. And hopefully grad school," to which Abby replies that he's "very smart, so he could just start college when he's 14".

Then they made some more cards (it's card-making season). And now they're playing Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. They started a new game for Greg, so I hope they didn't save over Abby's game. It's hilarious watching them because they're acting out the parts; each time their little characters are ill or poisoned or injured they're dropping to their knees and moaning or saying things like, "Go. Save yourself!" Lizzy is having "sticker fun" in the corner. I was a little concerned about this, but it turns out she's sticking the stickers on herself, not on, say, the cat. Which would not be fun. For anyone, especially the cat.

Lizzy slept very well last night, but is still Dropping Her Spoon today. She ripped a sticker and there is much moping and pouting and wandering around looking like a caricature of Dejected Child. And then the next minute she's fine. She needs a nap, in spite of how well she slept last night. I could use one too.