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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"What's for dinner?" quoth Pooh...

I don't want to cook tonight at all. But until that tax refund comes in, we don't have the extra coin for dinner out Just Because I Don't Wanna Cook. And besides, Abby's going in for her eight-year well-child check tomorrow and I just can't see taking her out for McNuggets the night before, you know? I can just hear the conversation...

Doc: What do you eat most days?
Abby: Oh, pizza, chicken nuggets, mac-n-cheese...

She does eat all these things; I'm no fanatic. But with all the weight issues we already have in this family, I'm trying to get the kids to eat more healthily. Where Abby is concerned, this means letting her buy a school lunch one day a week instead of all-the-days-mom-does-not-want-to-bother a week, and trying to make sure her meats aren't always breaded and fried. A typical packed lunch for her is half a turkey sandwich on whole grain, a snack bag of carrots, a piece of fruit, a hundred-calorie pack of Pringles, and 2% milk. And dinner is usually meat, starch, veg (last night it was pork chop, brown rice, and mixed peas and carrots). Not too bad.

But tonight I seriously did not want to cook. But I am - sort of. I have potatoes baking in the oven, and chicken breast roasting ditto. Haven't decided on produce yet; I may just use fresh fruit (we have some nice pears which, being pears, will be overripe in half an hour anyway). I'm a decent cook but I have no energy tonight for cooking. Normally I am the crock-pot queen but I hadn't set anything out last night to slow-cook today. Meh. We'll all live.

On a completely different note, watching Abby play Mystic Quest is an education in itself. All these tricks that I, as a long-time gamer, take for granted are all new and grand ideas for her. "Mom! I know how to live! I'm going to use one of those Seeds to make my Magic go up and then I can use the Cure Spell!" Obvious to me, but watching her learn it is amazing. Sort of like watching younger children learn to walk and talk, you know?