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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weird Little Things They Do and Say

Or have done and have said. This post is a retrospective, going back to when I was pregnant with Lizzy (about four years now) and some of the strange things our kids have done and/or said in that time. If Cute Kids Sayings bore you - or you don't want to read/hear these ever again - skip this post. I'm trying to catch those who don't know us in person up here...

Abby at 4:
  • Mama, why can't I have two dads and a birth mom? 
  • It's just what I always wanted! Um... what is it?
  • Mom, would you please turn up the TV? Or put your breast back in the baby's mouth? Please?

Leanna at 6:
  • That's us! We're the "family"! (this was said sotto voce during our wedding ceremony, while digging Abby in the ribs with her elbow)
  • Jenn, I'm really sorry, but I won't be able to come over and stay the weekend after you have the baby. Call me if you need me!
  • I'm not jumping on the bed; I'm just bouncing. See? See? My feet aren't leaving the bed. See? 

Abby at 5 and 6:
  • Mom! The baby said my name! Well, she kinda said it, like "Ah-EE", but do you think she meant it like my name?! (Um, sure, yes, of COURSE she did)
  • When I grow up, I want to be a barista, a chef who wears makeup, a ballerina-fairy-princess, a gardener, a vet, a mom, a farmer, and an astronaut because it starts with A
  •  A: Mom, are we always trying to stay alive?
    Me: Um... yes. Why do you ask?
    A: I guess <heavy sigh> that's why we have to wear coats and eat healthy food and stuff.
    Me: I suppose so.
    A: But it's good to stay alive. I wouldn't want to be died, because then you only get to wear one dress forever like in the died box. And you can't sing and dance anymore. That would be boring.
    Me: Uh, yes.

Leanna at 7 and 8:
  •  Really? The picture says it all. Leanna, so excited and a little smug to be holding the baby, and Lizzy with this expression on her face like "OMG!!111!!! Mom, put down the camera! And stop laughing!"

So there you have it, folks. Some of the stranger things our older girls have said and done during my pregnancy with their youngest half-sister and the first year of her life. Tomorrow, back to our usual programming of random randomness.