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Friday, February 25, 2011

He's Mister Snow

He's Mister White Christmas, He's Mister Snow....

We don't have a lot of snow, although - as with most snow in Seattle - it's too much for comfort. I am the first to admit that Seattleites as a group suck at driving in the snow. People who learned to snow-drive in other locations - especially those with colder, drier snow - do okay; it's the rest of us who have trouble. Either we treat it like rain (which we can drive in, as opposed to those imported drivers) and go way too fast for conditions, or we treat it like the apocalypse and inch along, unable to climb hills and annoying faster drivers. I fall into that second category.

The problem is many-fold.
  • We don't get snow often enough to have learned how to drive in it
  • The snow here is wet. Very wet. Wet enough that most of the time it freezes over and becomes a sheet of ice at the slightest dip in temperature. Like, say, sundown. 
  • Dang rain shadow. Dang convergence zones.
  • It's hilly here... and ice on hills is Not Friendly.
Anyway, my neighborhood streets are sheets of ice for about ten blocks (hubby says the epicenter of this ice sheet is apparently our living room couch). My Friday Night Gamers live/work within ten miles in just about every direction. Some of them have bare streets, some have not-so-bare (or bare and wet which will freeze over at - all together now - sundown).

So we called our game. And we're gonna have pizza-and-movies night at home instead. But we're keeping up with the spirit of the thing... we're watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.