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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Irrational but Understandable

Abby is sick. It's just a cold, I'm sure; her temp is hovering at just below her school district's cutoff, and she has severe congestion and mild wet cough. She says she feels okay "except for the sneezing and the stuffy nose and the coughing". No big deal, right? Just keep her hydrated, make sure you have your phone (and you drive yourself so as not to discombobulate your carpool partners) in case the school calls tomorrow and says her temp has hit the magic number of 100° F and she needs to come home.

She says she feels okay (with the above caveats) and she acts mostly normal (in that exasperating way that eight-year-olds have). But she sounds like her favorite super-heroine on her most Dark Magic Chick day. And she's not even trying. And she's dragging a little and her Spoon has been Dropped a half-dozen times, and she didn't even ask to go out to play today. For those of you who have never met her... this is not normal for Abby. Right now she's clearly feeling fine after having her idea of Comfort Food (mac-n-cheese and fruit salad) for supper, but it's been like this all day - up for a half an hour and then draaaaaggggginnnnnngggggg for a couple hours.

Anyway, a cold. No problem. But since her E.R. trip of last summer, wherein we discovered a potentially-fatal nut allergy, I worry when she's sick. Even when it's Just a Cold. So I'll do what I detailed above, because in spite of my irrational fears, I am a rational human being. I just need to keep reminding myself of that.