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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My New Favorite Company

One of the things we bought with our tax return is a new bunk bed for the girls. Top bunk for 8yo Abby (10yo Leanna does not like being so high), bottom for 3yo Lizzy, trundle (since she's only here a few days a month) for Leanna. We also need to find a way for Leanna to display her treasures when she's not here. A shelf at the head of the bed for her trinkets, one of the drawers for her art supplies, maybe one of those display nets (out of Lizzy's reach) for her stuffed toys.

It has been my experience that furniture assembly can cause... hmmm.... let us say "marital strife". If he does it I tend to hover, yell at the kids to stay out of his way, and sometimes give advice in the most impatient - even contemptuous - tone possible. If I do it he stays out of my way (and tries to keep the kids out) and then I get resentful because I have no help and I mutter under my breath until someone comes in and then I screech, "WHAT?!?!" I'm capable of assembling furniture, and so is hubby. But we're both more the fiddly electronic sort of tinkerers, not so much the hammers and electric screwdrivers sort.

So we decided it was worth it to hire a professional (handy-man, not hit-man). And at the end of our street is a company called Service Companies. They. Do. Everything.  The back of this business card says they provide twenty-one different services, from housecleaning to pest control, and remodeling to HVAC. And the owner is just a nice guy too. He clearly has our kids' safety and our peace of mind at heart.

And I really appreciate that.