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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frustration on All Sides - but it's a Good Thing

As I've said earlier, I'm replaying Final Fantasy X. And it's been great, but I'm very frustrated with the final boss; I've tried beating him several times using assorted strategies and it's not happening. I may need to level but I'm ready to be done. I've played this game through before so I do know the ending (I've even explained it to Abby in 8yo terms). I'm going to start FFX-2 so Abby and I can play together some more, and I'll just keep my FFX save games so I can go back and watch the end of the game later.

In the meantime I felt like blogging, and Abby was begging to play a game on her own. She doesn't read quickly enough to play any of the Active Time Battle games, but she's really enjoying Final Fantasy in general. So while I write this blog, she's playing Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, an old SNES game. And the reading in it is hard for her (words like "treasure" and "prophecy", not to mention "knight" are not in her usual reading repertoire although they are a part of her ridiculously huge spoken vocabulary), but it's fun and it's good practice in both reading and in following directions.

In addition to knowing Final Fantasy X's story from having played it before (albeit eight years ago), I've also been reading up on it on one of my favorite sites, TV Tropes. Love it love it LOVE IT. I can (and have) get lost in there for HOURS. Love. It.

So... please excuse me while I log off and start Final Fantasy X-2. Never played this one all the way through, although I have read up on it. Off to dress up Cute Anime Chicks in costumes that turn them into Kick Ass Cute Anime Chicks. Bye...

Editor's Note: With such observational gems as "Wow, mom, Yuna's not really so shy anymore huh? Lookit that dress!", I think we have a hit.