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Monday, February 7, 2011

Home Sick Stuff

So, as noted here, Abby is home from school with a cold. Her temp is down, so unless it goes back up, she'll be in school tomorrow, stuffy nose and all. Her appetite is weird - all she wants is rice and fruit - but it won't kill her for a couple days. So I'm working on some things I need to write for work - thank your favorite Deit(ies) for VPN and for Understanding Supervisors - and she's lying on the other arm of our L-shaped couch, watching movies that I think are too grown up for her little sister - either because they are too scary/weird/creepy, or because she just wouldn't be interested and would make us all batty if we tried to watch them with her in the room.

So first she watched a 1970s version of Alice in Wonderland, which was fine, I guess; I wasn't really watching with her. Then she watched a movie called Fishtales, which was both stupid and boring from my adult POV. But, you know, mermaids, which make everything better to 8yo girls with princess fetishes. And now she's watching this version of The Secret Garden, which she has seen before and loves.

I suspect she'd really enjoy the books of the first and last of these movies if she could read well enough. But as she can't yet, we'll just put them on our list of things for me to read to her. When we're done with the nine Oz books we own (we're on number 7).

Tomorrow if she doesn't go to school - though I suspect she will - her stepfather will stay home with her; it's his day off. But for today, it's just me, Abby, old Netflixed movies, and the VPN to work. Nice.