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Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Title is Sufficient

Let me tell you a story. A story about a little boy - we'll call him M - skinny, blond, a couple days younger than my 8yo Abby (although he was an under-2lb preemie and they weren't sure he would make it), and Abby's best-friend-who-is-a-boy from their 3rd through 6th years of life. We've been to their place for play-dates, and they've been to ours. We rarely make it to each others' birthday parties, because in all cases but one they have been scheduled for the same day. We don't see them as often as we'd like, although the two kids attend the same school. This little boy has a sweet, equally blond little sister, and great parents who seem to really be invested in their kids, have good jobs, and have lived in their house for years.

And today this little boy was summarily rejected by a little girl in their neighborhood because her mother "hates him and his family". Because both of these parents happen to be men. It's not the little girl's fault; she doesn't know any better, and shame on her mother for letting - or even encouraging - a child do her dirty work. But really, you can't let your child play with another child because his parents are both men? Do you think it's catching? Or is your squick factor/religious belief about homosexuality so strong that you are willing to disappoint and hurt innocent children?

I don't often get political; I have strong opinions but I'm also cynical enough to be aware that yelling my opinion isn't going to change anyone's mind. And I'm also fully aware that not everyone in my audience will agree with me, and I may even lose some facebook friends over it if they're reading. But this is important. This one did not only affect grown adults who can take care of themselves. This one affected an 8yo child and probably will affect his little sister. And all because some people believe that sexuality defines people all by itself. Never mind that these men are productive citizens, good parents, and decent people with hopes and dreams and loves and fears. The attitude seems to be "they sleep with other men. My religion/belief system/personal squick factor says that therefore they are evil and their children are too".

 But y'know what? That attitude SUCKS, and I call bullshit.