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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More (online) Retail Therapy

After yesterday's post here, I realized I sounded like a bit of a selfish jerk. I mean, taking care of oneself is important, Mom needs Me Time too, blah blah blah, but I felt like I had been selfish. I did after all buy myself half a wardrobe and eight books and a spa day. And I get a charge (heh heh) out of the shopping itself, the finding of the perfect gift, etc. So I bought for other people.

I got Hubby this (read his blog; you'll understand why) and this (he's wanted those for years).

I got Leanna, our 10yo Wild Animal SME, this, and this to do with her dad the Origami King.

I got Abby, our 8yo Girl Power Girl this, and this (she's a Brownie Scout, and we're delivering cookies tomorrow)

I got Lizzy, our 3yo perpetual motion machine this, and this (she's graduated to 48 pieces, sniff)

I got our 8yo friend Greg - who has only two modes, on and off - this.

I got some of these for my mom and my sister. My neighbor's mom makes them and they are fabulous, rich scents and pretty colors. I love them.

I got some little trinkets that I'm not publishing for my friends Tonja and Tiffany.

And for me, I got some bath fizzies and some shea butter cream for me and Abby, Dry Skin Queens.

Because I got my taxes, and I can.