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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Was that Groundhog THINKING?

I'm annoyed with the groundhog. I don't even know what his verdict was this year, but let me tell you, Seattle has its wet, moldy, pollen-laden spring going full force here. And as noted here, I can only handle so many allergens at once.

Last time I was tested - granted, it was years ago - I was allergic to whey, alder pollen, dog dander, mold, dust mites, and spider venom. At the time I was actually living in a neighborhood called - and for good reason - Alderwood Manor, so no, not a Good Thing. I haven't been tested recently, but these allergies still seem to hold, and this week they are out in force.

Actually, our whole household seems to be allergic. Hubby is "allergic to Texas" in his words (mesquite, dust, mountain cedar, etc), I have the ones listed above, I don't know if Leanna has any specific allergies but her asthma sure kicks up in the spring, and Abby is anaphylactic to cashews and pistachios and gets hives from most other tree nuts. (Gramma asked earlier this week about Palm Kernel Oil; I checked with Abby's allergist and apparently coconut and other palm-tree nuts and seeds are actually okay for Abby, except for the danger of cross-contamination). Lizzy we're not sure about, but from the sneezalies here lately, I'd say one pollen or another is getting her. Even the cat is allergic; poor Tiger, her eyes water and her nose runs and it's just sad.

So here I am, trying to get fit, and I can't breathe deeply. Which sucks (but not hard enough, apparently). In the past, I've started a fitness routine, gone too hard, and hurt myself, then stopped exercising. I was determined not to do that this time, and as I have a good friend in the business, I have someone to let me know if I'm overdoing. We'd been going on these walks during lunch breaks at work, but I can't yet reliably go at anything like their pace, and even when I can, there's that whole not-breathing thing caused by allergies. So I'm walking downstairs in the building gym, on the treadmill, so I can quit if I need to, without risking being stuck half a mile from work having an asthma attack. Which pisses me off, but I will. Not. Quit.

I guess I'll have to view the gym as a stepping stone to better things.