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Saturday, February 26, 2011

GamerMom's Morning Out

I'm trying to lose weight (I'm more than 100 lbs over what I should be for optimum health) and I'm trying to get fit. These two things are pretty tightly linked, and I'm working on them.  But sometimes, even in the midst of weight loss - maybe especially in the midst of weight loss, another motivator helps. Looking good is a motivator, and weight loss / fitness are sloooooooowwwww procedures, at least if you're doing them in a healthy manner. I'm still on Weight Watchers, and I'm still doing a lot of walking (with help from a fitness fiend friend) and trying to get to a place where I can exercise more without hurting myself / triggering asthma. But I wanted a quick fix to make me feel like I'm getting somewhere even when I'm stuck on a weight loss plateau.

So I went short and red. (Well, "slightly-inverted ear-length layered bob" and "medium copper-red #6"). It's that same slightly-streaky shade all over; what looks like my natural brown is just a shadow, since this pic was taken with a cell phone in the parking lot of the salon where I had it done.)

Then I went and got myself a massage, because that's always nice and I do so whenever I can get the extra cash. For that I went to InSpa; there's one about three blocks from this salon.

And bang goes sixpence. Or at least the rest of my tax return play money. But I feel like I look good, and that helps me motivate into other other ways of looking good. Next up, back on that Wii Fit Plus.