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Friday, February 18, 2011

What is your Quest? What is your Favorite Color?

Tonight most of our gamers are out - either sick, or recovering from surgery, or studying, or helping those who are doing these things. So with only three adults and four kids, we decided to invite our downstairs neighbors up and hey, then we were six kids and five adults. Since one of the neighbors' kids is a newborn, we were not so badly outnumbered this way. The neighbor lady and I hung out and talked girl talk and admired the baby, the male adults and the oldest child (Leanna, who has reached the advanced age of ten) played a board game, and the younger kids (8 ,8, 4, 3) mostly played in the bedroom, with the two younger ones occasionally making forays into the living room with the adults.

So there were a few amusing conversations between the two younger ones:
3yo: What's 1 plus 1?
4yo: 2! What's 2 plus 2?
3yo: (counting on fingers) 4! What's 4 plus 4?
4yo: Hmm... that's a hard one.
3yo: Ten!
Mom: Eight, Lizzy
3yo: oh... right

And as they get tired, these two are getting whiny and the elder three are nagging to "watch their bedtime movie" (tonight's feature is Spirited Away) but only after they have chocolate soy milk, and why can't they watch it now; just because the little kids are too little to watch it doesn't mean they should be inconvenienced in any way. And they are sniping at each other too.

And because Leanna was out with us, and the little ones were in and out, our language was a little more circumspect than usual for a game night. None of us are usually swearing like sailors, but we were more careful about our language. And in discussing movies that are okay for some of the kids to watch but not others (see above) we ended up having a certain amount of Monty Python quote battle (none of them are old enough for most of Monty Python; either it's too suggestive, too profane/obscene, or it will go so completely over their heads that they won't get why we think it's funny. Give 'em a couple years).

While we were doing this, I was also shopping online, taking advantage of my tax return to stock up the pantry. I had four dollars left to hit the minimum order for free delivery, and there was a suggestion of cheese (someone had suggested cookies, but um, yeah, I have five boxes of GS cookies right here in my kitchen). As stated before in this blog, I am allergic to milk. However, I am not allergic to goats' or sheep's' milk. So I typed "goat cheese" into the search box and the first hit made us all howl with laughter - it was "Celebrity Goat Log". Looking back from the vantage point of an hour later, I can see that it was the adult version of the little ones' whining or the big kids' sniping at each other. And on that note, I'm going to bed.