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Monday, January 31, 2011

Favorites for the Whole Family

So, I'm a gamer. And I game many many different games. But here I've listed a few favorites, old and new, from all electronic categories. Some of them my kids love to either watch me play, or "help" me play. Fun.
  • Final Fantasy series
    • Mystic Quest (when I bought myself an old SNES last year, this came with it. Abby stopped me from heading to GameFAQs when I forgot one could jump gaps of one square wide)
    • IV (I sold my PSX version when I got the DS version, which I love. This is one I can't wait for Abby to be a quick enough reader to do on her own. This must be how my dad felt when I first read A Princess of Mars at nine or so.)
    • VI (it's a favorite. I totally want it on the DS if it ever comes out)
    • IX (ah, old skool on the PSX. I heart it)
    • X (I'm replaying this now, and Abby's assistance is invaluable ("um, maybe you should hit the thing that isn't inside the clamshell") and her comments unintentionally hilarious ("wow, that Wakka guy has really big balls, huh?")
    • X-2 (replaying that next. Abby can't wait; a game where you can fight bad guys, find the lost good guy from the first game, and dress up the girls in different costumes? What could be better?)
  • Wii games
    • Mario Party 8 (at last, a game they can play themselves, and even the little one can manage some of it)
    • Epic Mickey (I got this for Christmas and Leanna especially was so pumped that I only play it when she's here, so she can see)
    • Zelda: Twilight Princess (I wanted this game when we got the Wii. I tried so hard to like it, but it's just not doing it for me.)
    • Wii Fit Plus (Fun, fun fun! For me, it's especially the boxing and the hula hoop, Laston's great at the tightrope, Abby likes the marching band drum major one, and Leanna is tops at the meditative/yoga stuff. Lizzy tries but can't hold still long enough to do more than weigh in (35-ish pounds, for the record))
  • Online/download games
    • Wedding Street, What to Wear, MyShops, and Frontierville on Facebook (I play them for a quick casual games, but I've been known to use them for reading and budget practice for Abby and color & shape matching for Lizzy)
    • Assorted games - usually hidden object puzzle adventures - from Big Fish Games (Abby and I sometimes use these in addition to reading together before bed; it's good cuddle time for us)
Anyway, there are a lot of electronic games I like, but these are favorites. And favorites I can share with my girls, which is more important to me. And this does not even begin to cover the board, card, pencil-and-zillions-of-dice, etc. games. But that's another post...