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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gamers' Babes by the letters

In going through an alphabet  book with Lizzy, I've discovered that we have more than a few things that are not your standard "A is for Apple, B is for Bear". Because that's how we roll. Some of them are typical, of course; A is still for Animal. But many many of them are not. And some I thought Lizzy knew - like X is for Xylophone - she didn't (she thought it was a "piano-thing") . Keep in mind that Lizzy is three, and while Abby is eight, she still spells everything phonetically
  • A is for Abigail and Abby and Animals and Abacus
  • B is for Baby and Blue ("my best favewite color!") and Bad Guys and Beast Boy
  • C is for Cat in the Hat and Cookies and Cake and Carrie (our neighbor and friend) and Cyborg (although she is not convinced, because it sounds like S)
  • D is for Danny Phantom and Dragons and Dice and Daddy and Dora
  • E is for Elephant and Elizabeth (although she insists it starts with L) and Eggs and Elmo
  • F is for Friday Night Gamers - you know who you are - and Fish ("like the one and the two and the wed and the blue fwom the book, mom") and Fudge
  • G is for Games (duh) and Grapes and Grover and Girls and Gramma and Grampa
  • H is for Houses and Horsies and Hair
  • I is for Ice Cream, as it is for any red-blooded kid
  • J is for Jenn ("because that's your name, mom") and Juice
  • K is for Karry (Leanna's mom, and it totally confuses Lizzy that we know two women with the same name, spelled differently) and Kangaroos and since she does not yet grok the concept of "last name" (although she can recite her "whole name") she has not figured out that our last name starts with a K too.
  • L is for Leanna and Lamb and Laston ("that's Daddy's name, you know")
  • M is for Mommy and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet tomorrow night... and expect plenty more characters from her big sister Abby's Big Kid Shows... and a couple from Mommy's Video Games.