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Friday, January 28, 2011

Men are from Mars (and I believe it)

A few things about the differences between the Man (see his blog at Nerdy... but Good at It) and the Woman at Chez Gamers' Babes:
  1.  The Woman multitasks. If she's in the kitchen putting something in the microwave, she is doing the dishes while she waits for it to cook. The Man views the minutes until the microwave dings as More Computer Time.
  2. The Man has a much higher tolerance for child-noise and bouncy behavior than the Woman does. He can tune it out until there is an actual problem, where the Woman just wants them to be quiet.
  3. The Woman spots things that need tidying or organization. The Man spots things that need repair or scrubbing. 
  4. The Man can assist children with messy art projects or explosive science experiments. The Woman can deal with a broken heart caused by not being invited to a friend's party.
  5. The Man and the Woman both read a blog post written by a mutual friend. The Woman got "aha! This is why Behavior X caused attitude Y!". The Man got "Aha! This is why Person A is not comfortable with Activity B!".
  6. The Man is intolerant of disrespect. The Woman is intolerant of unkindness.
It's generally a matter of finding a balance between things he's good at and things I am. Or things one is willing to do. He hates laundry. I hate scrubbing the tub. We divvy those. We both get really tired of the endless rounds of dishes-vacuum-tidying, so those we split. It works out, as long as everyone keeps the tasks in mind.