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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gamers' Babes by the letter, part 2

  • N is for Neverland and Nectarines (mom's favorite fruit) and Nuts (which Abby cannot have, because in Lizzy's words, "they make him choke")
  • O is for Oscar the Grouch and Oreos and Ozma of Oz
  • P is for Powerpuff Girls and Princesses and Pink and Purple
  • Q is for Queens (when they're not being Princesses)
  • R is for Robin and Raven and Rikku and Robots
  • S is for Starfire and Scarecrow (of Oz, not from Gotham City) and Strawberry Shortcake and Sorry! and Seuss and Spiderman and the Shaggy Man
  • T is for (you may have guessed) Teen Titans and Titans Tower and Terra and the Tin Man and Tik-Tok (both of Oz) and Tinkerbell (and Abby's last name too
  • U is for Us. Umbreallas are for non-Seattleites. Except as fashion statements
  • V is for Voice (the use of which is often the bane of our elementary school teachers... for three generations running now)
  • W is for Washington and Wow Wow Wubbzy and Watermelon (aka "the Tickle Word", but we have enough under T) and the Wonderful Wizard
  • X is (see the earlier post here) apparently for "piano-thing" and X-Men
  • Y is for Yuna and Yertle
  • Z is for Zebra, as it is for everyone else
So that's it. This week anyway; who knows what will change? Also, interesting that Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion didn't make the cut, but so many others from the Oz series did.