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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Poor kid - earaches are the pits

My stepdaughter, Leanna, is prone to ear infections. Even at ten she's still getting them more frequently than usual. They're not life-threatening, or even hearing-threatening, but they are seriously painful in a child that old, like most things (remember how chicken pox or tonsillectomies are always worse the older you are? Like that).

And this time? The oral antibiotics weren't working, so they got some topical drops to go with. Those didn't make a dent either; her ear is still all swollen and pus-y and not draining. And it hurts. So much so that they ended up in the ER tonight. And her mom called to give me an update and Leanna's crying because it hurts so much... but they've just given her some serious pain medication (Vicodin, I think) and numbed her skin up so they can inject antibiotics, because the orals and topicals (and Tylenol for pain) are not doing the trick. And on top of feeling awful and hurting, the poor kid is afraid of needles.

So, anyone out there reading? Please send best wishes to ten-year-old Leanna. She could use the support, even if she's unaware it's happening. And I know her mom and her dad (and her stepmom!) could use a good virtual hug too. Thanks.