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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Character Music, Redux

Back away from the sentimental  parenting posts and back into the GamerMom stuff...

I'm still having trouble finding appropriate music for Rica. I wrote a ton of background on her, so I have that to inspire my gameplay, but I really want the music too; I'm an auditory learner and it really helps me get into character (especially on trips back from taking Abby to her dad's place). So here's a request to you all to help me find appropriate music.

The game is set in this world. If you don't want to read through all that, suffice it to say that Rica comes from a medieval city where Catholicism is the primary religion and magic is fairly common, as are fantastical creatures. "Mind-twisting" magics are anathema though.

Rica is fifteen, skinny, shy, near-sighted (she has magic goggles to mitigate this), and has low self esteem (as a result of her mother's emotional abuse and her father's benign neglect. I also killed her father off to make it that much more (melo)dramatic). She is intelligent, kind, sweet, broad-minded, curious, and pretty in that way that Christie called "anemically attractive" (a skinny grey-eyed fair-skinned blonde). She's competent in her job as a gryphon-rider in service to the emperor (the Riders serve as aerial scouts and a sort of Coast Guard for the most part), loving toward her gryphon, graceful enough as long as she wears her goggles, and has made a few friends among the Riders and a young knight (but they always have to make overtures of friendship - she's that shy).

She believes in her own intelligence (but none of her other positive qualities), but is only in the past few weeks starting to realize that just maybe her mother was not entirely correct about her. The fact that her mother disowned her after her father's death - don't look at me like that; I told you I was going for melodrama - and called her all sorts of  names has made her begin to understand that since her mother was wrong about "tramp", perhaps she was also wrong about "clumsy and ugly".

Why yes. Yes I have been (re)reading Mercedes Lackey and Nora Roberts and Anne McCaffrey, all of whom excel at the fish-out-of-water and black-sheep-makes-good characterizations. And hanging out here of course. Ahhh... TV tropes - how I love thee.

So... anyone have any ideas of what might be some good songs  for me to include on a Rica Mix Disc?