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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nerds in Love

Today is our wedding anniversary. We've been married for four years today. We had then-six-and-a-half-year-old Leanna (in the large polkadots) and then-four-year-old Abby (in the small) as our attendants. And 3-months-gestation Lizzy riding shotgun under my dress. Speaking of shotguns... my brother and I joked about Dad buying a shotgun, and decided that really, he's more a crossbow or rapier kinda guy - something more elegant. My brother-in-law was our photographer, my sister was hostess, and Whole Foods Market did the catering (yum!). We had had some scares based on a quad-screen and my Advanced Maternal Age (I hate that phrase; I was 38, not 105!) but had made it just into the 2nd trimester and so we were much relieved.

Well... I was relieved; he's the Math Guy in our household, so to him a 1-in-25 chance of something wrong was not a scary number. And you know, fewer hormonal upsets for him.

You may have seen that my husband's blog is titled Nerdy But Good at It. This was also the tagline on his Yahoo Personals account, which I - as a geek - found charming and sweet. Apparently the fact that I owned my own copy of the board game Talisman (and all the expansions!) was enough for him. We don't talk politics, but other than that we can discuss pretty much anything. He's the math-and-science guy and I'm the language-and-music girl and there's a lot of overlap in interests but not so much that we're bored by each other (see diagram on the right). You see, he's a Nerd (he has the social aptitude to be a Geek but sometimes he doesn't use it), and I'm a Geek. As a prime example of Nerdy Romance (no, not that way, get your mind out of the gutter!), here's his facebook status for today:
"Today is the day. I have now been married to Jenn for four years. four wonderful glorious years. I plan to add a zero to that number. and if science progresses at this exponential rate, two zeroes." 
About sums it up, huh?
 Edited to add: I got him a gift card for (online of course, we are nerds and geeks here) and he got me a dozen roses and chocolate truffles and is taking me to dinner tonight. And the perfect card; it says, "You're the one who... knows my stories, gets my jokes, warms my feet, takes my side, ignorers my quirks, finishes my sentences, soothes my worries..."
Just lovely.