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Friday, April 1, 2011

No Foolin'

So, last night, hubby took me out to dinner (steaks, in Lynnwood) for our anniversary. They sat us in the bar.

So why would they sit us in the bar? We did not request it. They did not offer. They just did it. We're neither of us sports fans, so the televised team sports everywhere we looked was a little much. And being a bar, it was noisy as well. So we asked to be moved to the dining room instead, which they graciously did.

And we sat in the dining room and picked this apart. Why was it that sitting in the bar bothered us? Was it the noise (TV) the theme (sports) or the background chatter? And conversely, why did some loud-ish kids at the next table not bother us in the restaurant? I mean, we went to get away from kids, right? Granted, they were not our kids; they were someone else's, and therefore we did not have to deal with them, but why would their noise not bother us and the TV noise in the bar did? And what the heck was up with them just seating us in the bar in the first place? If we want to go to a bar, we'll go one of two places:
For steaks in Lynnwood, well, next time we'll go to the Keg.