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Friday, April 8, 2011

Game Night!

I enjoy game night. Tonight's was a little rocky; we didn't start until late and we were having trouble concentrating for reasons as varied as the players. One of my favorite players hasn't been able to be here much, she was here tonight, and I barely managed to say hello. I was feeling guilty for going nuts on the food, which didn't help my concentration any (and, you know, today being the last day of my job and all... I wanted to BSU, not really role-play a sweet, quiet character).

Got to final-blow an Illithid though. That's always nice.

In any case, we've been having trouble - all or most of us - staying on track here lately. Tonight was a little more so is all. We'll be playing next week, and the week after that is Norwescon, so all games are off (or relocated to game rooms at the con).

Of course, all this assumes I have a job with which to pay for it all. I have some nice leads, although the company discussed here is no longer one of them. I was right; I'd be a good fit for their corporate culture, but right now they need someone considerably more hardware-savvy than I. There are more jobs out there now though than there were, and some of them are looking really interesting!